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From opposing gambling casinos, to supporting waterfront preservation, local libraries and community centers, Savvy, Inc. has managed numerous successful state and local awareness and advocacy campaigns, often at great odds. And Savvy has worked with numerous political candidates for mayor, Congress and governors on communications, media relations, speechwriting and message strategy.
Earned media, owned media, paid media, shared media – Savvy, Inc. can guide you through the media jungle to get you the best bang for the buck. It's no longer a matter of just getting your name in the newspaper. It's all about building awareness, engaging your clients and getting your on the first page of search results, and then measuring what works and what doesn't.
Savvy, Inc. has years of experience counseling companies and individuals during times of crises – everything from legal disputes and data breaches to chemical spills and plane crashes. With a little effort, any business can be prepared to handle almost any crisis, and in the process maintain customer support as well as their profits, and perhaps emerge from the crisis as an even stronger company.​​​​​

With offices in Washington, DC; Boston, Massachusetts and Portland, Maine

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